New Job!

I am really glad to announce that I have found a postdoctoral research position at the University of Bordeaux, where I am stationed at the Marine Station of Arachon (UMR EPOC 5805 lab). Here, I am taking part in the COCKLES project (Co-Operation for Restoring CocKle SheLlfisheries and its Ecosystem Services in the Atlantic Area (AA)) until the end of January 2020. I will be responsible for Work Package 6 (Action 4). This task involves 1) the identification of the carrying capacity of ecosystems for cockles and 2) the investigation of cockles food consumption and their competition with other major suspension feeders in the ecosystems. This means I will work with another type of bivalve, which is a great extension of my knowledge of suspension feeding species. In this research, I will focus the grazing of bivalves on primary producers, which broadens my expertise on trophic interactions.