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Thank you for your JSR 2016 paper on parasites and marine invasions. I have been looking for a good paper that summarizes the ecological and evolutionary implications of parasite invasions and yours does such a nice job. While I will certainly cite it in future papers, I’m also going to use it as a foundational paper in an upcoming class I’m teaching. Thank you for your contribution!
Dr. Jennifer A. H. Koop
Dr. Jennifer A. H. KoopAssistant Professor University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (United States)
Preparing a talk at the EAFP meeting in Belfast and re-reading your 2016 J. Sea Research synthesis, which will be important background. Very nice paper!
Dr. Ryan B. Carnegie
Dr. Ryan B. CarnegieResearch Professor Marine Science, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William & Mary (United States)


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