6 April 2017

My research was cited in on the WadWeten page of the Waddenvereniging and the Waddenacademie. On the websites of these organisations, every week a blog is posted about Wadden Sea related research. This time the blog was about the fact that the invasive Pacific oyster did not arrive in the Wadden Sea with empty hands, but that it brought an invasive parasite that now infects native host species.

The publication that was cited in this article:

Goedknegt, M. A., Schuster, A-K., Buschbaum, C., Gergs, R., Jung, A. S., Luttikhuizen, P. C., van der Meer, J., Troost, K., Wegner, K. M., Thieltges, D. W. Spillover but no spillback of two invasive parasitic copepods from invasive Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) to native bivalve hosts.  Biological Invasions, 19:365-379